andrea nacciarriti _ boundaries _ 2010
work winner - Terna Prize 03_Gigawatt section

The project is the image of a water polo pool set up in the Adriatic Sea, it is matched to a sentence, which was taken from the documentary
"The Green Blood" by Andrea Segre.
Water polo was first played in the Scottish and English seas and rivers. It was played between convicts thrown into the water to be washed.
Boundaries refers to the story of a man who, when he was a boy studying geography, wondered "why if men are all equal are there boundaries?”.
Italy is a country that has most of its borders "marked" in the sea, invisible, but which have important consequences, just think of the phenomenon
of illegal immigration and what happens when a boat is in the middle between "owned waters".
The boundaries are drawn on the surface, the possibilities you can draw anywhere..

boundaries _ 2010
c-print on dibond (credits Nicola Cameruccio)

andrea nacciarriti _ boundaries _ 2010
andrea nacciarriti _ boundaries _ 2010