andrea nacciarriti _ drawing # 000000008 [lampi sull'Eni] _ 2011
Artissima _ Torino

Drawing # 000000008 [ lightenings over Eni ] is part of a series of works about drawing, (raw materials, reactions, sign, and loss of control).
The installation is made up of an old diesel pump of the '60s - '70s, on a copper sheet, it is stretched out on a sheet of paper, over which there
is a layer of felt. The inevitable pressure exerted by the object creates an embossed carving on the copper which is then transferred onto the
The sculpture is but a matrix.
It brings back to memory Pasolini's unfinished novel "Petrolio" (oil) which lacks the chapter "Lampi sull’Eni" that, in all likelihood, revealed the
turbid relationships between the Seven Sisters, Mattei and Cefis. The set of missing sheets from the short-circuit that the two elements trigger
are at the basis of the dynamics of a plot, in which everything is unclear.

drawing # 000000008 [lampi sull'Eni] _ 2011
gas pump, copper, paper, felt

andrea nacciarriti _ drawing # 000000008 [lampi sull'Eni] _ 2011